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1.  ALLYOU is distributor in UK of Pro Aktiv products from Poland. ALLYOU have online store at  www.en.proaktive.pl,
2.  Pro Aktiv online store, found at www.proaktive.pl, is a website enabling online purchases.
3.  The prices of the products on offer are given in GBP - this is gross prices.
1.  The address and the e-mail address disclosed by the user/customer can be used to realize the placed orders
2.  The essential condition for the client to make a successful purchase is to fill in the order placement form, available at the website
3.  Should any circumstances that make it impossible to fulfill the order (in whole or in part) emerge, the company reserves the right to halt the order’s realization. The company feels obligated to inform the customer about any delays immediately.
4.  Forms that have been filled out incorrectly shall not be dealt with.
5.  The goods purchased are delivered to the address indicated in the order placement form.
6.  The customer has the right to choose the dispatch mode, as stated in the order placement form.
7.  The delivery expenses are covered by the customer. In certain specified cases, the store may be fully or partially charged for the delivery. Such package is then sent by Royal Mail Post Office, although it’s possible to use a private delivery company for an extra fee. 
8.  The order delivery date ranges between 1 to 7 days.
2.  The goods on the online store’s offer are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
3.  Should there be a complaint, the client must contact the store.
4.  The client has the right to cancel the order agreement without any explicit cause within 10 days  upon delivery.
5.  In order to successfully cancel the order agreement, the product must be returned intact.
6.  In case of delivery errors, the client sends the products back and after the return, the store will dispatch the right order again.
7.  Return packages sent as: “paid upon delivery” won’t be accepted by the store.
8. ACCEPTING THE DELIVERY - we advise you to check the package’s content directly upon accepting the goods. If the delivery person doesn’t agree to check it (e.g. lack of time), you should write “I accept the package with reservations” on the receipt. In case of any damage, ask the deliverer to fill out a shipping damage report.
In cases the following Terms and Conditions fail to regulate, rules of civil code and respective laws concerning some consumer rights and product-related harms apply (Polish government regulation from 31st March 2000, Journal of laws no. 22, p. 271) 

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