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300ml SILVER Colloidal Non-ionic Ag250 Nano 25ppm
  • 300ml SILVER Colloidal Non-ionic Ag250 Nano 25ppm
  • 300ml SILVER Colloidal Non-ionic Ag250 Nano 25ppm
  • 300ml SILVER Colloidal Non-ionic Ag250 Nano 25ppm

300ml SILVER Colloidal Non-ionic Ag250 Nano 25ppm 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: AG250/300
Delivery period: 3 dni
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Price: 9.65 GBP
NON-IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER AG 250 (300 ml) - pharmaceutic glass bottle

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv

Silver is a chemical element whose symbol (Ag) comes from its Latin name - argentum. It is a metal of unique features and applications. What are the properties of our colloidal nano-silver: • it eliminates bacteria which cause the decomposition of sweat, thus eliminating the unpleasant odor

• restores the skin’s good look
• it’s non toxic, causes no irritation or allergic reactions

PRO AKTIV Silver doesn’t react with any organic acids or hydrochloric acid. It is particularly worth mentioning that the product supplied by us doesn’t generate nitrates, nitrites or chlorides, which are all harmful. Our non-chemical, colloidal nano-silver doesn’t darken when exposed to light, which means it does not oxygenate. It is key evidence for our product’s chemical resistance and homogeneity.

What is more, it can also be used:
• added to saline solution
• frozen as ice, it will maintain its properties after unfreezing

Using our non-chemical colloidal silver poses absolutely no risk of developing argyrosis. Nano-silver and allergies Our colloidal silver:
• is noninvasive (except for people allergic to silver)
• is odorless - important for people allergic to smells
• is chemically pure, causes no irritation.

Our nano-particles are so small they’re carried by hot steam.
• doesn’t cause skin burning or stinging - recommended for people who are sensitive or allergic in skin care.
• is recommended for washing and ironing of underwear as a harmless disinfectant, active even after several regular washes and ironings.


Prophylactically 10 ml per day. White cap on the bottle has a capacity of 10 ml. Prophylactic use no longer than one month. After 1 month, you should take a break 2 weeks and if needed, you can continue prophylactic next month.
In case of silver deficiency, use 20 ml per day (two white caps) for up to three weeks. 

Ingredients: demineralized water (by norms of Polish Pharmacopeia, edition VI), metallic nano-particle silver Ag4N Safety Specifications for Pro Aktiv Silver: The product doesn’t contain ingredients classified as harmful to human health and the environment as specified in the applicable regulations from the law on dangerous chemical substances from 11th January 2001 (Journal of Laws no 11, par. 84), in concentrations exceeding the respective concentration limits.

The product is not classified as hazardous for human health or the environment in light of the regulations specified in Health Minister’s resolution from the 2nd of September 2003 regarding criteria and methods of classification of chemicals (Journal of Laws no 171 par. 1666). Moreover, the product contains none of the 36 allergens specified therewith, and is not included in the list of forbidden substances outlined in the appendix to the Resolution, neither does it contain any CMR components. The average size of a particle: 2-4nm. CAUTION: All the information provided herewith is purely informational in character and in no case can it be treated as guide to dealing with an illness. In case of disease, consult a qualified physician first and follow their recommendations.

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