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Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml
  • Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml

Siberian SEA-BUCKTHORN Oil 100 ml 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: ORS100
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A nutritional supplement which enriches the diet with α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid

It contains unsaturated omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids

The Siberian Pineapple

Sea-buckthorn (Hippophae) belongs to the oleaster family. The variety that is richest in nutrients is Hippophae rhamnoides L, which grows in the Far East, Siberia, Caucasus, Southern Caucasus and Middle Asia. Its bright orange round fruit resemble pineapple in taste, hence the popular term to describe it: “the Siberian pineapple”. Due to its high content of vitamins and bioactive substances, the fruit has been used in folk medicine for ages.

A vitamin treasury

Sea-buckthorn is one of few plants whose fruit pulp contains fat oil, and it abounds with vitamins and micro-elements. This includes vitamins from the B group, as well as E, F, K, P, folic acid, carotenoids (which is provitamin A) , anthocyanin, flavonoids, phospholipids, provitamin D, sugars, organic acids, and also micro and macro elements such as iron, boron, manganese, and others.

Although the fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, that alone does not constitute the uniqueness of the plant. There is a more precious advantage, especially that it is so rare. Namely, the sea-buckthorn fruit is free from ascorbinase, an enzyme that destroys vitamin C, which is why when it is processed or stored, the vitamin C decomposes much slower than in other plants.

When it comes to vitamin E, the sea-buckthorn is one of the richest sources, outrunning nearly all fruits and berries.

In terms of the vitamin K1 content, the sea-buckthorn can boast a higher dose than chokeberry, juniper, wild rose and blackberry. Research also indicates presence of coumarins, bioactive substances which prevent clogging of blood vessels

Unsaturated fatty acids

Sea-buckthorn’s beneficial properties have been valued for hundreds of years. The shrub itself comes from the Far East and China, and the most valuable properties lie within the unique composition of the fruit’s oil.

Sea-buckthorn oil contains an exceptionally large amount of a true rarity in the plant world - the palmitoleic acid (omega-7 fatty acid)

As well as all other crucial fatty acids from of the omega kind:

alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3),

linoleic acid (omega-6),

oleic acid (omega-9).

Some triterpenoids were also identified: ursolic and oleinolic acids. These are characterized by their anti-inflammatory effect, and the also strengthen the organism, stimulate wound healing and lower the blood pressure.

The organic acids which are part of the fruit (malic, tartaric, oxalic and succinic) prevent and relieve the toxic effect of pharmaceutics and X-ray on the human body.

Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, tocopherols, tocotrienols and phytosterols. Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive influence on metabolism and are indispensable for proper functioning of cell membranes. antioxidants prevent hazardous processes of cell oxgenation, while pytosterols regulate cholesterol and immunity.

Recovering to health

One of the most important aspects of sea-buckthorn oil is its potential to stimulate regenerative processes. Sea-buckthorn oil is a perfect supplement in ailments of the digestive tract. It relieves nausea, vomiting, indigestion, stomach aches and heartburn. The regenerative power of the oil has proven extremely efficient in the treatment of skin burns caused by radiation. It has also been observed that it has got pain-soothing properties. It boosts the organism’s immunity and replenishes the vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is a well known and highly valued cosmetic used for skin and hair care.

Antidote for aging - the hormone of youth

An alkaloid of serotonin has been detected in the fruit of sea-buckthorn, which is widely considered a youth hormone due to its ability to impede the aging processes of the organism.

Used in the following ailments:

- stomach ulcers

- post-radiation mucosa damage

- circulation (prevents cardiac arrests and arteriosclerosis )

- hair conditions (balding, falling out)

- sunburns that don’t heal

- skin (eczema, tuberculosis)

- cracked or broken nipples in breastfeeding women

- reproductive system (erosions, cysts and fungal infections of the genitals)


- hemorrhoids and painful breakages of the anus, varices

WARNING: All information contained on this website is for information only and not a substitute for medical advice. In the case of illness, contact your doctor or pharmacist and follow its recommendations


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