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100ml GOLD Colloidal Non-ionic Au200 Nano 20ppm SPRAY
  • 100ml GOLD Colloidal Non-ionic Au200 Nano 20ppm SPRAY

100ml GOLD Colloidal Non-ionic Au200 Nano 20ppm SPRAY 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: AU200/100
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NON IONIC COLLOIDAL NANO-GOLD AU 200 (100 ml) atomizer, with spray

Colloidal Gold for cosmetics and beauty Colloidal gold is used in cosmetology for beautification: gold reduces wrinkles, while regenerating the existing ones, and it also moisturizes the skin and eliminates discoloration. Colloidal nano-gold works like an ionic pump - it speeds up the migration of active substances, promotes ionic exchange (mainly micro-elements), and stimulates organic purification through the skin. It catalyses the synthesis of collagen, contributing to skin tissue regeneration. It has both antibacterial and soothing properties. It has a strong anti-acne effect.

Colloid nano-gold can be used externally for:
• prevention and reduction of wrinkles
• skin moisturizing and alleviation of all sorts of skin irritation.
• skin discoloration
• organic purification through the skin
• skin tissue regeneration
• cases of lichen or abscess
• chronic acne


Prophylactically 10 ml per day. White cap on the bottle has a capacity of 10 ml. Prophylactic use no longer than one month. After 1 month, you should take a break 2 weeks and if needed, you can continue prophylactic next month.
In case of gold deficiency, use 20 ml per day (two white caps) for up to three weeks. 

CAUTION: All the information provided herewith is purely informational in character and in no case can it be treated as the ultimate guide to dealing with illness. In case of disease, consult a qualified physician first and follow their recommendations. The product is also available in a plastic pharmaceutic bottle: click here if you want to order the product in a special plastic pharmaceutic bottle

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