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100ml SPRAY Copper Colloidal Non-ionic Cu500, Nano 50ppm
  • 100ml SPRAY Copper Colloidal Non-ionic Cu500, Nano 50ppm

100ml SPRAY Copper Colloidal Non-ionic Cu500, Nano 50ppm 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: CU500/100
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Price: 7.42 GBP
100ml SPRAY Copper Colloidal Non-ionic Cu500, Nano 50ppm

Colloidal Copper for external use

Colloidal Copper symbol (Cu) is a specific nature with a very wide and diverse applications, which should be in your home. You will use it to both your skin care and care for the cleanliness and hygiene of your apartment.

Colloidal Copper Nano Cu500:

See how many advantages is that it would seem, ordinary solution. Let's start with health-promoting properties. Colloidal Copper used in daily skin care and body helps to improve their condition. It makes the skin supple and radiant and even desiccated hair look healthier and moistened. It has been well known anti-aging properties of colloidal copper. Its regular use inhibits the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for the loss of firmness of the skin and the formation of the first wrinkles. Therefore, lubrication to give colloidal copper contribute to the inhibition of aging and even smoothing out existing wrinkles.

Colloidal Copper(Pro Aktiv) - Colloidal Copper also brings support for those who are struggling with excessive sweating and unpleasant smell of sweat. Due to its antiseptic properties it makes sweat not only decreases but also it has no unpleasant odor for us. However, the copper colloidal works not only in personal care. You can successfully be used also in the process of taking care of the cleanliness of his apartment. As a result, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses may help their proliferation. It is enough to wipe the household, sinks and door handles. It is also useful in the fight against mold and darkening joints in the bathroom. Removing those heavy, while threatening the health of our soils has never been so easy.

Nano-copper is also good for allergy sufferers!

Colloidal Copper is completely safe for the human body. Its positive effect was also confirmed in the case of those who suffer from various kinds of allergies (eg skin and inhaled).

Colloidal Copper Nano Cu 500 Pro Aktiv:

We offer you the highest quality colloidal copper, which is available at very low, affordable price. Given the breadth and diversity of its applications is a specific nature that you should have in your home. Indeed effectively contribute to protecting the health of all family members.

  • They have a lamellar structure.

  • They are resistant to light.

  • They are chemically neutral.

  • They are highly active at very low concentrations, and most importantly, are harmless for humans and animals.


demineralized water, metallic copper nanoparticle Cu4N 

Only the original label in silver color is genuine product PROAKTIV


Our colloids defined as non-ionic, which means that highly dispersed metallic phase such colloids does not contain negative chemically attached anionic groups, the same metal does not occur here in the form of a positive cation. Produced by our nano-molecular metal colloids contain no typical surface contaminants that accompany colloids produced chemically.

Non-ionic preparations of copper, gold and platinum are made from pure metal (supplier is the State Mint) having a purity of 0.9999 or 0.999999 gold and keep that purity throughout the production process. Offered nano-colloids are manufactured in high-quality water free of ionic species, only through a physical process, completely waste-free and environmentally friendly.

WARNING: All information contained on this website is for information only and not a substitute for medical advice. In the case of illness, contact your doctor or pharmacist and follow its recommendations.


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