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300ml PLATINUM Colloidal Non-ionic Pt50 Nano 5ppm
  • 300ml PLATINUM Colloidal Non-ionic Pt50 Nano 5ppm
  • 300ml PLATINUM Colloidal Non-ionic Pt50 Nano 5ppm
  • 300ml PLATINUM Colloidal Non-ionic Pt50 Nano 5ppm

300ml PLATINUM Colloidal Non-ionic Pt50 Nano 5ppm 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: PT50/300
Delivery period: 3 dni
Cost of Delivery: 3.20 GBP

Price: 21.39 GBP

Colloidal Platinum Nano controls the prosec oxidation.

It is a formulation that controls the oxidation process, synthesis and excretion. Nano-colloid acts on our skin as it reduces discoloration of the skin. It makes scents become more intense. Rejuvenating effect and reductively on dead tissue. It gives our skin a healthy appearance and firmness. Nano-platinum acts as stimulant in the processes of respiration, circulation and excretion. Just the small amount to stimulate and regulate the enzymatic processes.

Colloidal Platinum Nano Pt50:

It is a pure form of colloidal platinum, it is not contaminated with dirt surface, which are a typical remnant of the chemical refining process. Process is supervised by professionals. It is a safe preparation which recommends a number of pharmacists. At a time when we have mostly to do with artificial products, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. In the case of illness, please consult your doctor.

Colloidal Platinum(Pro Aktiv) - not react with the organic acids and hydrochloric acid. Not oxidized (not darken under the action of light), and does not promote the formation of dangerous nitrates, nitrites and chlorides. The use of our non-chemical nano-platinum is not conducive to falling ill.

Nano-Platinum is also good for allergy sufferers!

Colloidal Silver is completely safe for the human body. Its positive effect was also confirmed in the case of those who suffer from various kinds of allergies (eg skin and inhaled).


demineralized water, metallic platinum nanoparticle Pt4N


Our colloids defined as non-ionic, which means that highly dispersed metallic phase such colloids does not contain negative chemically attached anionic groups, the same metal does not occur here in the form of a positive cation. Produced by our nano-molecular metal colloids contain no typical surface contaminants that accompany colloids produced chemically.

Non-ionic preparations of gold, silver, copper and platinum are made from pure metal (supplier is the State Mint) having a purity of 0.9999 or 0.999999 gold and keep that purity throughout the production process. Offered nano-colloids are manufactured in high-quality water free of ionic species, only through a physical process, completely waste-free and environmentally friendly.

As a catalyst, it regulates the processes of oxygenation, synthesis and elimination. As such, platinum determines protein changes in bodily tissues. The non-chemical nano-colloid of platinum has an enormous dermatological effect, dramatically reducing skin discoloration. It intensifies smells. When gelled , it rejuvenates skin cells and eliminates deformities within them. Its stimulating and regulatory effect on breathing, circulation and elimination can be observed in concentrations as small as 0.01 PPM. It maintains the skin’s firmness and its healthy look. Currently, it is the world’s only non-ionic, ultra-pure form of colloidal platinum, free of any surface contamination that is typical when platinum metals are refined chemically. It is also the stablest form of all the numerous platinums. The particles of the water colloid of mono-crystalline nano-platinum migrate towards the cathode, which means that such liquids cause considerable surface charges to occur within the metal.

CAUTION: All the information provided herewith is purely informational in character and in no case can it be treated as the ultimate guide to dealing with an illness. In case of disease, consult a qualified physician first and follow their recommendations.

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