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NIGELLA Oil Black Cumin 100 ml
  • NIGELLA Oil Black Cumin 100 ml

NIGELLA Oil Black Cumin 100 ml 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
Product code: NIG_100
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Price: 8.95 GBP
Dietary Supplement Cold-pressed Nigella Oil, not extracted chemically and unrefined. It promotes proper functioning of the digestive tract and metabolism in general. High content of unsaturated fats and vitamin E.

Ingredients: cold-pressed Nigella (Black Cumin) Oil (Nigella Sativa L.)

Dosage: 1 teaspoon, twice per day, immediately before a meal

Health and Safety precautions:
  • Low temperature may cause the oil to become cloudy or darker in colour
  • The recommended daily dose cannot be exceeded
  • In order to maintain the body in proper condition, it is essential to have a varied diet and a healthy life style.
  • This is a dietary supplement and as such cannot substitute for a varied, balanced diet
  • Store in room temperature, away from small children’s reach

WARNING: The description of the supplement’s properties in this specification material is for purely informational purposes. In case of illness, consult a physician and follow their recommendations. In no case can any treatment with the supplement be equivalent to therapy conducted by a trained medical physician.

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