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Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml
  • Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml
  • Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml
  • Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml
  • Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml

Siberian FIR Oil 50 ml 

Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv
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Siberian Fir Oil (50 ml)

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Manufacturer: Pro Aktiv

A special dietary supplement which boosts the function of the immune system and promotes elimination of toxins from the body. It also promotes proper functioning of the upper respiratory passages. A gift from nature The Siberian Fir Oil (latin. Oleum Abies Sibricae) is extracted from young buds of the siberian fir tree. The most precious part are the needle-covered apices of young shoots, up to 30 centimeters. It is those apices that are used to extract the essential oil so popular in medicine and cosmetics. The fir can be found in the pristine region of East Siberia, where the air is crystal clear. The trees can only vegetate in pristine, industrially-uncontaminated areas, so the final product is as ecological as it can only be. And although not all properties of the oil have yet been fully researched, tons of academic papers on its benefits are available; numerous clinical studies have also been carried out, for instance in Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Canada, and Japan, to name a few. A path to health The oil does not decompose in the digestive tract after oral administration. After oral intake, it is absorbed to the the blood and lymph within 20-30 minutes, having both local and general effect.

The active ingredients of the oil are not digested by the enzymes, thanks to which they permeate to the blood and to crucial problem areas, accumulating in the weakened and diseased body tissues. After 48 hours from administration, they are eliminated in urine, sweat, sebum, gall, and the exhaled air. Green antibiotic Research shows that the Siberian Fir Oil contains a considerable proportion of phytoncides, who are known for their merciless elimination of viruses, bacteria and disease-causing funguses. Phytoncides strengthen the immune system and mobilize it to fight the disease. They boost the immunity system and protect the organism in the critical times weather caprices and seasonal changes. The oil damages the lipoprotein shells of viruses, as well as their nuclear cores.

A versatile therapist Russian scientists have proven that fir products help to normalize the blood morphology. In particular, they contribute to the restoration of lymphocyte and leucocyte levels, which proves to be of key importance in patients subjected to radiation. The oil relaxes and alleviates headaches. In external use, it shows anesthetic and relaxing qualities. It is a diuretic and a purifier which strengthens the body and prevents scurvy. It boosts the body’s immunity and improves metabolism. A balm that soothes the soul Siberian Fir Oil’s overal effect is energizing - it boosts one’s work capacity, induces a feeling of confidence, stimulates the intelligence and mental agility, increases vitality. According to some experts, it is more potent in this regard than the well-known ginseng. It relieves stress and induces relaxation; it raises the mood and relieves muscle tension. It includes an invaluable bio-available hormone AJ(u)G-1 which prolongs youth in both physical and mental aspect. Seniors who regularly consume the oil look much younger than their peers, and their also more physically able, full of life and enjoy increased sexual potency up to very advanced age.

The essence of quality Natural Syberian Fir Oil can be applied orally. Some producers recommend external use only . That can indicate using unnecessary, or even downright harmful substances in the production process, e.g. aromas, coloring, or preservatives. One might even suspect that it is extracted with the use of carcinogenic solvents or that it hasn’t been properly purified from such. The chances are that in order to increase the product’s volume, regular fir oil (either natural or synthetic) or turpentine are added. In such case, the oil’s properties are dwarfed and it indeed should not be used internally.

In case of Pro Aktiv Syberian Fir Oil, however, such counter-indications are invalid, since it is 100% distilled using water steam. And because it is 100% natural, it is completely safe for the organism. Both the ingredients and the production technology are of top quality, so it is recommended for external use and oral intake alike, depending on the kind of disease. Research has shown that Syberian fir oil’s effectiveness relies heavily on the proportion of the active ingredient known as bornyl acetate. The oil manufactured by Pro Aktiv contains the highest concentration of bornyl acetate that is possible to achieve (40%), which is a guarantee that the organism will fully benefit from its wondrous properties. Storing Essential oils should be only stored in a closed glass container, away from light.

The Siberian Fir Oil and other evergreen oils decompose when exposed to sunlight, and they oxygenate in the air. For these reasons, they have to be kept in a dark place, preferably in a box. When stored and managed properly, essential oils can be used for a few years. Notes before use: The oil causes allergy in a minor fraction of the population, usually in a form of a mild skin rash that disappears within 2-3 days. In such cases, the Siberian fir oil is not recommendable. For the same reason, it is not advisable to use it in children below 3 - due to a considerable level of environmental pollution, children at that age are prone to all kinds of allergies and it is not certain how the organism whose immunity is still being formed will react to such unfamiliar substance. Most allergies remit by the age of ten. Therefore, in children over 3, small doses can be gradually introduced to see how the organism is reacting. Before initial use, both adults and children alike should check their allergy potential. For this purpose, they should place 10-15 drops on their chest, or the back of the hand or the leg and rub them in. If the skin doesn’t turn visibly red the next day, it means it is safe to use.

Caution: All the information regarding the therapeutic value of the Siberian fir oil provided herewith is purely informational in character and in no case can it be treated as guidelines to dealing with an illness. The use of the oil can never replace a conventional treatment and therapy. In case of disease, consult a qualified physician first and follow their recommendations.

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